“Cannabis Saved My Life.” Ulrich Vestergaard On How Cannabis Gave Him A Future After Cancer

//“Cannabis Saved My Life.” Ulrich Vestergaard On How Cannabis Gave Him A Future After Cancer

“Cannabis Saved My Life.” Ulrich Vestergaard On How Cannabis Gave Him A Future After Cancer

Ulrich Vestergaard has been fighting cancer for the last 6 years. But his medical problems started 16 years ago when he fell 30mtrs from an oilrig causing severe back damage.

For many years he took morphine to manage his chronic pain. Until one day his daughter asked him if he was going to be on drugs for the rest of his life? In that moment, Ulrich had an epiphany. He saw his damaged body through his daughter’s eyes and knew he had to find a better way to treat his pain. He began experimenting with Cannabis oil and quickly found that it was a more effective painkiller with fewer side effects.

Then he got cancer.

By taking his care and treatment into his own hands, Ulrich’s story is not a typical example of the battle against cancer. Read on to find out how he got rid of cancer from his liver, neck, leg, and foot using a mix of CBD oil and natural supplements.

Cannamor: You were diagnosed with liver cancer when you were 54. How did you find out and what was the initial treatment?

UV: In 2011 I was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was having treatment for hepatitis, which involved injecting a serum into my liver. It was a new medicine that was so strong, after each treatment, I couldn’t get out of bed for four days. I was going in for a treatment when the doctors discovered the cancer in my liver. They immediately stopped the hepatitis treatment and sent me for chemotherapy. Again, the medicine was so strong it knocked me out after each session. I had only two sessions of chemo. After the second treatment, someone found me unconscious on the floor. If I hadn’t been found that day, I’d be dead. I immediately stopped the chemo. The doctors said I would be dead in four months but I knew if I kept doing the chemo, I’d be dead sooner. I chose to do things my way, to become my own doctor and six years later, I’m still alive.

Cannamor: Is that when you switched to Cannabis oil?

UV: No, I’d been taking the oil for years to manage the pain of my back injury. I switched to hemp oil when my daughter’s concern for my health made me realize the morphine was destroying my body and had robbed me of any quality of life. I just sat in a chair all day long. I had no motivation and was angry all the time. I was a broken grumpy old man. Switching to Cannabis oil saved my life and gave me hope again. When I found out about the cancer, I simply upped my dosage of hemp oil. I also found a specialist doctor who gave me Ebnera Royale, a rare variety of the Thai Curcuma plant that’s known to build up the immune system as well as treat liver cancer and hepatitis. After six days, I could get out of bed. After two weeks, I felt strong again.

Cannamor: What were the first steps of your treatment plan?

As well as the Ebnera Royale, I upped my intake of Cannabis oil. I also stopped taking multi-vitamins and started taking vitamins in more concentrated form, vitamins D3, C, and K9. The other thing I took was magnesium, which is so important for good health. Too many people don’t take enough magnesium. I took this mix of supplements for 3 months. When I went back to the hospital a few months later, the doctors could not believe it. “You should be in a wheelchair,” they said. “How is this possible?” They were shocked by my recovery. According to them, I should have been dead. By then, my cancer was dormant.

Cannamor: Were you cancer-free then?

UV: No. In the last 6 years, I’ve had cancer in the right lung, left leg, neck, and foot.

Cannamor: But you’ve treated them all with a mix of Cannabis oil, vitamin supplements, and herbs?

UV: Yes. I treated the cancer in my right lung with Chinese wormwood. It’s not only natural but it’s also 1200 times stronger than chemo. It took it for two months to clear the cancer from my lung. I treated the cancer on my neck with Cannabis cream. It was dead by the time the doctors removed it. The cancer on my foot was the most difficult to treat. It took 4 months to get rid of it with a mix of Cannabis oil and frankincense. The cancer on my left leg was the most recent. I got that 9 months ago. Because it was so painful, I cut off the lump and applied Australian bloodroot to the wound. About 12 days later, I was at a seminar and noticed that the dressing on my leg was uncomfortable. When I opened, a tiny black lump fell out into the dressing. That was the cancer. It was gone.

Cannamor: You cut the lump off yourself? That must have hurt!

UV: Not so much. After I cut it out it was bleeding but I applied the bloodroot and the bleeding stopped immediately. The bloodroot eats into your skin so for the first 24 hours it was very painful. After 12 days, the bloodroot kills the infected area and the cancer leaves your body.

Cannamor: What other alternative therapies have you tried?

In the last 8 months, I’ve been working with a shaman in Holland who has helped me enormously. I had a lot of pain in my back due to a slipped disc. I couldn’t walk properly. I also had some mood problems, angry all the time. This shaman does a special type of massage that’s very painful. He uses stones and coins and hits you hard. I was very wary at the beginning, and I’m not going to lie, it was painful. “What did you do to me?” I said to him. But the results were amazing. The next day, my movement was improved and my anger was gone. Completely gone. I am so calm every day now. I’m full of compassion. I’m almost a different person.

Cannamor: You’ve spent the last 6 years telling people about your therapies? Why?

Everyone expected me to be dead and when I didn’t die, everyone was talking about it. No one could believe I’d survived. In March 2012, some friends came to me and said they had a shop that they weren’t using and offered me the space as a base to help sick people. Then I started reading and researching what I’d been using so I could share it and help as many people as possible.

Cannamor: How did people react when you told them about your experiences?

The reaction was fantastic. People came from all over the country. I’ve helped around 3,000 people in the last 6 years. People who had no hope had given up on life, on ever feeling normal again. When I talk to them, I say, “It’s your job. You tell me what you need and I will guide you in the right way. But you do the real work yourself.” That’s how I help people. I have held around 25 seminars in the last 18 months with between 100 and 250 people in attendance. Next year I’ll be talking at the Patient Union in Denmark and a crowd of around 600 people is expected. I hope to start hosting seminars in the south of Spain soon, too.

Cannamor: By helping other sick people, how has your life been changed?

It makes me happy. There is nothing greater. I feel blessed.


This interview has been condensed and edited.

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